On 6th December, at the Polo of Engineering, ICA Academy organized an innovative seminar for the designers and the students of the Design Course.

In the city where one of the oldest universities in our country was founded and which promotes the path of innovation, the high level training of the ICA group came, leader in Italian green research and ideator of anti-CO2 wood coatings.

The participants in the seminar “Color in interiors: design, function and evolution”, organized by ICA Academy, discovered the colors of the future. 

The event took place on Friday 6 December at the Engineering Pole of the University of Perugia, in a land of great artists of the past that is candidate to baptize the creatives of tomorrow.

The initiative was aimed at the students of the Design Course and at the designers who wanted to update their skills with cutting-edge theoretical and practical knowledge on the formation of colors, materials and finishes.

Particular attention was paid to the construction of chromatic spheres and to the most innovative techniques for wood decoration.

This multi-modular course has been embellished with prestigious interventions.

The first part, entitled Bases of color theory, by Francesca Valan, introduced the coordinates of color - hue, clarity and saturation - and the main methods of visual measurement.

There were several practical tests, to conclude with the indications for color design.

The second module, led by Rinaldo Guagnoni, Italy Sales Director of the ICA group, was about "Market trends - Concepts of naturalness and materiality of interior finishes".

During this moduel, the main development trends of the sector and the most important innovations in terms of woods, materials, bio, ultra-opaque, very low opacity, self-healing and anti-fingerprint finishes were focused.

In the third module Francesca Valan investigated The language of color, presenting the main stages of its evolution in interior design and furnishing, from the 1950s to 2030, with particular attention to the sustainable use of this flexible and extraordinary element.

Finally, Francesco Cinquepalmi, R&D Chemical / Physical Testing Manager of the ICA group, explored how it is possible to combine eco-research, quality and sustainability of products and materials, through the final module summarized by the title "The performance of BIO  and ultra-technological paints; the main reference regulations".


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