HIGH GLOSS finishes for interiors
Interiors Technical Training
7 lessons 00h 14m

HIGH GLOSS finishes for interiors

High-gloss finishes have always been used in furniture field. High-gloss furniture inspires a feeling of richness and attention to detail and is used in both modern and classic design environments.

However, the execution of a high-gloss coating is extremely complex as it requires experience and in-depth knowledge of both the substrates and the best working techniques in order to achieve quality results.

In this course we will describe the main families of products used in the production of high-gloss coating cycles, highlighting the peculiarities of the different technologies available. We will also give advices on the correct application methods and on the choice of the most suitable products for the different needs. 

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about high-gloss products and  avoid common problems that may be encountered in their use.


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