Validated finishes and performance for the YACHT FURNISHING
Interiors Performance Sustainability Technical Training
7 lessons 00h 21m

Validated finishes and performance for the YACHT FURNISHING

Nautical furnishings require the highest quality paint levels. The context of use and the care required to build a boat make every detail very important.

For this reason, ICA's experience in the sector represents a reference point in the market.

The quality of the proposed solutions is represented by the creation of the "TOP QUALITY YACHT INTERIORS" standard which certifies the performance level of the painting.

This course will describe the main supports used in the world in nautical furnishings, their characteristics and the precautions for the creation of quality workmanship.

The main painting cycles suggested by ICA and verified with the specific tests of the “TOP QUALITY YACHT INTERIORS” standard will also be described.

The course is aimed at all those who deal with the production of furniture or shipbuilding and want to deepen the specific issues of the nautical sector.

The goal is to know the main characteristics of the materials used and to avoid common problems that may be encountered during painting, obtaining very high quality levels both in terms of aesthetics and performance.


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