WATERBASED and BIO: a real revolution in the field of INTERIORS
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4 lessons 00h 08m

WATERBASED and BIO: a real revolution in the field of INTERIORS

What are the details and characteristics that make a space unique, functional, comfortable and healthy? In interior design, it is possible to introduce new finishes that enable surfaces to guarantee very high technical performance without forgetting the aesthetic value of each individual detail, while also paying attention to the impact on the environment and well-being.

In this course, you will discover the approach adopted by ICA to reduce the environmental impact of its coatings for interiors. 

Water-based products made from renewable, non-toxic and eco-friendly raw materials with a reduced VOC content and through a production process that significantly reduces CO2 emissions. 

This is ICA's response to the growing demand for sustainable products, as UL has recognized by awarding it the Green Label - Environment Claim Validation.


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