Design and performance are the key decorating concepts. Modern and functional living environments, in fact, required that coated furniture and complementary furnishings must guarantee excellent quality in terms of beauty and durability.

ICA Group’s R&D team has developed a product line for interiors with a smart vibe and a bold aesthetic. Ultra-matt top coats with an attractively soft, velvety and sophisticated texture, an anti-reflection design and outstanding performance, bringing the best out of any surface or material. They can be applied on solid wood, natural or multilaminar veneer, MDF, melamine paper, glass and plastic.

Joining the webinar you will learn about the features of the S-MATT range that includes different transparent and pigmented coatings – water based or solvent based - with different types of drying techniques – conventional or UV curing  using excimer lamps.


15:00 - 16:00


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Speakers: Emanuele Gelosa, Lucia Ulissi


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